Tuesday, 28 April 2009

As seen on TV!!

Well nearly a month has passed since these samples were featured on Ideal World, so I think it is time I photographed them and uploaded them!! These were made with the Get in Shape Templates. The little tag book was using (imaginatively) the tag set, using the 3 larger tags to create the pages. I simply folcded some Crate Papers in half, lined the tags up with the folds, drew around and cut them out, to make the pages, then had fun decorating them. As the templates have the layering marked on them they are so easy to use!! Even for me.....

The second item is a photo box, of Paul and Levi. These little boxes are lovely and so easy. The template is the folded gift bag and box one, it comes with the lid template if you want to make a box like this or you can just leave it as a basket (great for holding sweets and chocolate!!!) Really easy and quick to make and a lot less fuss than an exploding box!!


  1. You sneaky sneakster, you didn't tell me you had a blog! NORTY!
    Anyhoodle...I think for the moment can I pass on the soggy tail and mud that goes with it...after months of dust, dirt and grit can I have a few weeks off lol?!
    Meant to tell you I managed to record (and watch-yay!) the last show, very goooood! You didn't come across as even slightly nervous which is great :)
    Love the templates :)

  2. Hello there lovely! Welcome to Blogland! Great to see you LOs of your gorgeous Levi, Ali. Oh and there were one or two of Paul too I noticed! HAHA!

    Loving the templates. Will pop and see you soon.


  3. He he he, sorry I thought I would get to grips with this blogging lark first!! I will try and minimise how much Paul I post, a girl can have too much of a good thing :)