Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Montage stamping!!

Way back in 2007 we bought a little stamp making machine and we started to make our own stamps, it all started with a little flower. Well at that points Stamps Away was born. I was not a confident stamper by any stretch of the imagination but I discovered what you could do with even the smallest of stamps, so we started our Montage Range. They were popular and I started demoing with them at the retail shows. So over the next few years these little stamps have ticked along nicely, but as I became more confident at stamping and we had the amazing Pilkington artwork they got left behind a little. Until now, now they are back and better. We have taken all aspects of the business, and joined them together to make a complete stamping system. We knuckled down, filmed another DVD and here we are. So I thought I would share a few of the samples over the week of my stamping babies, where it all started. In the next post I will also do a little tutorial as well but I thought it would be nice to see how we have reconnected with our stamping roots!