Monday, 25 May 2009


We have been a bit busy at the moment as we launched 4 more templates on Ideal World today. So it was up early to get to Peterborough for the show at 11, and the new templates sold out as did the fab "I can't believe they're not brads!" paper brads. I love these little guys and you will see them feature on a lot of projects!!! I don't have any photos to share of the samples I made yet, but I will try and get some taken over the next few days. So we have a very busy week stuffing envelopes for the TV plus on Friday we are off to take a look at some amazing new products that I am very excited about!! Might not get much blogging done for a few weeks as on 11th June we have not 1 but 2 live shows on Ideal World and Create and Craft and a girl has a lot of samples to make!! But again we are soo excited about the products we are bring on to these shows so I am looking forward to making the samples!! Well bed is calling as it has been a rather long day (although confession for the first time in a long time we stole an afternoon nap!!).


  1. I hope you are recording these shows so I can catch up on any I have missed (which has been all but one so far!)
    Thanks for the comments on the chooks, we have one wounded girl, off her legs love her, but I had another two eggs yesterday. None this morning, but that was expected. I will give them some sweetcorn from you later, they love the stuff! :)

  2. Disappointed I missed the show Ali! We were at the park on Saturday afternoon, but you were shut (we were a little late in the day though).

    Fantastic news on the sell outs!!! Obv a fab product at a truly fantastic price!

    Hugs to you both.