Thursday, 18 April 2013

Wax lyrical!

I love to play and try things out, I know shocking you didn't know that about me did you?? And I will use anything I lay my hands on! So when I wanted to try something different for a background effect on a card my hand fell on an old candle I had lying around. I wanted to use it for a resist technique, which I have done before but I have traditionally done it over a mask like a brass rubbing, but this time I embossed my card with the beautiful Moroccan mask first. I left the mask under the card and the ribbed the candle over the embossing, this way the embossing is not squashed and the wax only catches the edges of the embossing. I them removed the mask and inked like crazy with a couple of distress inks, forest moss and gathered twigs. Then rub off any ink on the wax with a bit of kitchen towel and voila!! A lovely distressed background. Added a faux out of the box die cutting with one of the aperture masks and the card was nearly done! Final touch was to use a 4 ply hemp twine, carefully untwist a 1 inch section until it flips back on itself creating a four petal flower effect, glue it in with a dried rose and it is done!! Simple, honestly it is!!

Happy Crafting



  1. I love the way you just have a go!!
    Looks really good too.

  2. Fab Ally, I love your ideas! I was sorry that I didn't get to say Hi and have a brief chat about our hens at Ally Pally Saturday. I have never seen so many people there and even first thing in the morning there were so many peeps around you...anyway, got some more masks and stamps and my Stamps Away bag! I put a card using your string/wooden block stamp technique on my blog yesterday and it went down very well! Carole Z X

  3. Note to self, I must not throw out any old bits of candles!