Friday, 26 September 2014

Words don't come easy .......

Ok here is the first of my focus on a product entry...and I am choosing our lovely greeting stamps. I love stamping, and we have some stunning art work on our stamps, but recently we have been adding some beautiful greeting stamps to the range, from everything to large verses, to simple word greetings that say it all. What I love about them is that fact on some cards they are all you need, especially if you have had a whale of a time creating backgrounds that are just too pretty to cover up! So I could fill pages with photos that show off the greeting stamps but I thought for all your sanity I would share one of my favourite projects with the stamps....Orizomegami!! The Japanese art of paper folding and dying...messy but soo much fun. You create stunning bright papers that just look fantastic with the simple bold greeting...simple as that! 

So how do you create these papers, all you need is some ink (I used distress re-inkers), watered down a little, and some kitchen towel! Pop a couple of different colours of ink in little pots, a cake baking tin is a great pallete, then take a sheet of kitchen towel and fold it up into a small wodge. Then begin the fun bit of dipping the folded kitchen towel in the inks, corner dipping creates star bursts, dipping the edges in creates stripes. After dipping gently unfold and hang up to dry. Here are the results of a workshop dipping session!

Don't they look amazing?? So simply let them dry and then either tear or die cut the paper, stamp your choice of greeting with archival ink and you have a bright and stunning card!!

Have fun, happy crafting

Ali xx


  1. A timely reminder of something I've seen you demonstrate before, but had forgotten about, Ali. Thank you!

  2. Ditto Battycrafter!. I think these look great fun. Thank you Ali. xx

  3. Yep I'd forgotten. As soon as I finish trying to straighten I'll have a go xx jacqui

  4. Lovely original papers, what's not to like xx