Sunday, 8 April 2012

I don't have Skeletons in the Closet....

But I do have skeleton leaves. In fact I have hundreds of the things, but my quest to use up old crafting materials my have back fired a little! I love leaves on cards, I own many leaf die cutters, often buy paper leaves but sometimes I want something real on my cards, so I dug out my skeleton leaves. Now any one who has been crafting about 5 years probably like me has a good stash of these as they were popular, but they have faded in popularity in recent times (or so I had thought!)
But traditionally skeleton leaves are a little bland, odd colours and not quite what I wanted so I played with them and the only thing I can say is I pimped my skeleton leaves!
 I simply ink them with my versamark and then glaze them with ultra thick embossing powder. It is best to work on your non stick craft mat for this as the leaves are pourous so the embossing powder melts through and they can stick, so if you work on your craft mat you can simply peel them off when they are cool. Now the glazed alone looks lovely and does intensify the colour of them but you can go a little further and really make them something special, all you need to do is brush your choice of mica powder across the glazing (don't brush too hard as you don't want to brush off all the powder) Now the powder will not stay as it is, you will need to heat the surface again, this allows the mica powder to just sink below the surface and be captured in the clear embossing powder. This final touch give the leaves a beautiful lustre and a completly different look to the dated plain skeleton leaves that we all have hiding in the back of our crafting box! With a few of our crafting favourites you can breath new life into any of your old crafting stash, so give it a go.
Happy crafting



  1. Wow! this looks brilliant and a great use for the skeleton leaves too! like you i've loads too


  2. I watched you do this on Paper Clinic and it looks addictive. And yes, i have skeletons in my cuoboard too, well not for much longer. Thanks for the inspiration Ali.

    Louise, (@leruleoriginals) :)

  3. Brilliant Ali..and I think you have given those forgotten leaves a new lease of life..

  4. I have a small stash of these, this sounds lovely, another thing to add to my to do list Ooo

  5. I saw you demo this on C&C a couple of weeks ago and it looks fab. I missed your appearance on Paper Clinic though, so PLEASE, PLEASE can you let us know via the blog when you are going to appear on C&C. You are the most inspirational guest! Thanks so much :)

  6. Will definitely give this a go, thanks Ali for the inspiration :)

    1. I tried this out when I watched you demo it on c&c and it is fabulous...
      I have a large stash of leaves which I can now transform into these amazing glazed, special leaves. You are such a huge inspiration Ali, and a crafting genius. I love to watch you...

  7. I dug out my skeleton leaves thanks to you.x

  8. I appear to have got rid of all my old leaves and was almost tempted to buy some the other day, just so I could try this technique.