Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Making good use of the things that you find...

I have been called a womble and it is a name I am actually quite proud of. It is true that nothing is safe from crafting in our house, from things in the kitchen such as lemon juice, to old drinks cans which make great craft metal for die cutting and embossing.
On this simple card here I used an old coke can (simply cut up with a good pair of scissors, take care with the initial cutting but once flattened out it is just like the normal craft metal) and then embossed it through my big shot with the wonderful cogs mask, then I sanded the surface a little so it would take a little distress ink. It is then just a matter of  matting on to some embossed and sanded card, simple and quick. For a great pop art look why not use the printed side of the can, it looks fab!
But you can always take things a little further, on this frame here I die cut the can with my sizzix dies and then coloured the can with alcohol markers (I have to say the walnut spectrum noir is a great rust colour!) the more you dab the pen on the more texture and alcohol ink effect you get. The ink stays sticky for a few minutes which allows you time to sprinkle on a bit of clear ultra thick embossing powder and heat set it, I even dipped these into Mica Flakes to give them more details, or alternatively you can sprinkle salt on while the embossing powder is still melted and it adds great texture.
I love this kind of crafting, found art I think is the correct name but in the words of my Dad "I could always make something from nothing!" So if you can't find the right embellishment make your own!
Happy crafting

Ali xxx


  1. Love your ideas...
    Keep them coming

  2. great idea, I have 1 can at the moment!! Will have to try and gain some more to have a proper play.
    thanks for your ideas, they are always inspiring.


  3. Ali so pleased to have found your blog! I always tune in (or record!!) if I know you are on C & C as I love the things you do - there is always something surprising!! I really loved some of the stuff you used over Easter - especially the new stamp and ink surfaces. Unfortunately I had recorded the show and all the stock was gone by the time I watched it. Anyhow, will keep up to date with what you are doing as I am now following. Cindy

  4. Genius, Ali! I love your work, am a bit of a womble myself!