Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wet, wet, wet

And we are not just talking about the weather, although that is pretty wet too! But I am talking stamping... Wet Stamping, a really easy and effective technique. This technique works wonderfully with your dye pads such as distress inks and big and juicy pads, and stamps such as leaves and flowers. The paper or card you use will give you different effects, I find an uncoated cardstock let's the colour spread, where as a glossy card grabs the colour quickly. Start by inking up your stamp, for cards in this post I inked up with two colours, applying them roughly where I wanted them, but you don't have to be too careful (any body who knows me knows careful or delicate are not words I know!!) Now spritz your card stock with plain water, making sure you have a good covering, then simply stamp onto this soggy card. I often do 2 impressions to get different intensities with the colours. Now try and let it dry naturally so the colours spread nicely. Once it is dry you can then over stamp the image with a good dark colour, lining it up as best you can so the colours show through the stamped design. It is that simple!! Use small stamps to create your own designer backgrounds! I love this technique as it gives you a soft effect and looks stunning, go on five it a go!

Happy Crafting

Ali xx


  1. Hi Ali. I saw you demonstrate this technique on C&C & was so impressed.

  2. Hi Ali, loved this technique when you did it on C & C, the cards look great. I am going to give it a go. Thanks for the card I got from the cup of chance, it is brill. X

  3. I too loved the technique when you did it on C & C, really fabulous. I so love the pinecone stamp. I will be going to your shop again in a few days time and hope its in stock! Michelle x

  4. Hi Ali, i gave tis a go straight after your show and loved the technique i even sprinkled in some mica powder which gave a stunning affect.... i showwed this to my craft club ladies last night and they all had a go too and lved it just as much. thank you for all the tips and looking forward to seeing you back on C&C next week xx gail