Monday, 9 July 2012

Plaid and simple!

I am a sucker for patterned paper, I really am, but I also get frustrated when I don't have the right colours to suit my project. So I inevitably end up making my own. From these frustrations washables were born, printed papers specifically designed for you to ink yourself in your colour scheme, enabling you to create your own designer papers. Plus it is all printed on our beautiful stamp and colour stock, which is carefully selected to take inks wonderfully. Meaning all your favourite ink techniques work perfectly. My favourite of this background making session wa my plaid effect. All you need is a couple of distress ink pads and a wet wipe (still wet) fold the wet wipe up to form a pad, then dab the folded edge into the different colours of ink, so you have spots of colour along the edge. Now drag those colours diagonally across the paper, so it leaves streaks of colour. Repeat the process until the paper is covered with diagonal lines, I then repeat with diagonal lines across the other way to complete the plaid look! Great for men cards, quick and simple, plus helps clean all the mica and embossing powder off your ink pads!! Give it a go

Happy Crafting

Ali xxx


  1. Fantastic Ali, thanks for sharing x

  2. Great card Ali and such a good technique, thanks for the idea, I will give it a go. X

  3. Such a great technique, Ali, how do you come up with them? Will give it a try and see how it works. Looking forward to the show on Thursday. X

  4. Hi Ali. I've joined the world of blogging. Pretty scary stuff! See you Weds after Xmas at class.