Saturday, 12 January 2013

Plenty of dough!!

I know I know I am rubbish!! But at least I have plenty to lets get started with the first post of the year!! I wanted to share my salt dough project! The dough itself is easy to make, 2 cups of plain flour, 1 cup if salt, 1 cup of warm water, mix together into a dough, unused dough will keep in the fridge. Then just roll out like pastry. Then use your stamps to make impressions in the dough, if you leave the stamp clean you can ink after the dough is dry and also brush on mica which looks amazing, or ink your stamp up and then as you stamp the colour is transferred to the dough. But my favourite is to fully colour the stamp, even into the recesses with distress markers, then wipe off the ink on the raised parts, now when you press it in to the dough the ink from the recesses is transferred to the raised elements of the design. Then simply use cookie cutters to cut out your designs. Leave to dry, in the air it will take a while or you can pop them in a warm oven to speed up the drying process. You now have stunning unique embellishments for cards. Fun and cheap!!

Happy crafting

Ali xx


  1. Well done Ali xxxx
    this is lovely xxxx

  2. Managed to remember to record the shows but haven't managed to watch them yet - so looking forward to seeing them.
    Project above is fabulous

  3. well done on dough and ur blog looking good

  4. Thanks for sharing Ali, looking forward to many more this year (hint hint)

  5. This is so pretty.Love the colours of this.Jacqueline .S

  6. Loved the shows Ali, I didn't have to work was to able to watch them and guess what I did after your morning show?Made some salt dough!!! Carole Z X