Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wet, Wet, Wet

I know I know, I have been an appalling blogger, but time has got away from me so drastically I just don't seem to have 5mins to breath. But enough of excuses I will try and share some of the stuff I have been working on, starting with some of the new montage bits. I love this technique, it is simple effective and creates stunning backgrounds. You basically stamp with water!! How easy is that? Now the tricks to getting a good result with this technique are, you need nice bold stamps, they don't have to be big just bold or solid designs, and plenty of water! So first ink your background up with a distress ink, then fold up a piece of kitchen towel into a wad, and wet it, really wet it! This is now your "ink pad" simply press your stamp into the wet towel, and stamp onto your inked background, hold in place for a couple of seconds with a good bit of pressure and the remove. Watch the colour fade as it dries. Repeat randomly over the background. To finish off stamp in the same colour randomly over the background to provide more depth with the darker shade of colour. Ready to use it on your project!

Happy Crafting



  1. I love this technique thank your for sharing and the card is fabulous. Caroline xxx

  2. This is fab Ali ...saw it on the box.
    Some of my first ever stamps were a set of montage xmas stamps i got from you in port sunlight. That's going.back a bit

    they are so useful for all sorts of techniques. Xx

  3. Hi Ali, this is a fab technique I will certainly be trying..thanks for sharing! Carole Z X

  4. Hi,
    What's the best card to use for this?

  5. I always use our Stamp and Colour Card or Paper because it just works so beautifully with all the inks, but it is just a case of trying some and seeing, generally smoother is best as textured card can kind of suck in the colour too much meaning you can't pull it away. Hope that helps.

  6. Lovely simple idea as always! Simple for the crafter I mean..... Glad to have you back Ali!! Our son and daighter-in-law moved to Market Harborough last week, so I will be visiting the shop SOON! Keep up the brill ideas. Love Elaine