Sunday, 4 March 2012

New Start!!

Ok lets start this blog again! And I aim to do an entry every week (let's not make rash promises of more than that, but if I can I will!!) I will try and share on going projects, sneak peaks and explain mad cap crazy techniques!!

Many people have been emailing me about the fabulous Petroleum Jelly technique, so here is a quick outline, but I highly recomend that you grab a pot and have a good old play!.

Place your mask over your paper (I find the Stamps Away stamp and colour card brilliant for this technique)

Then using a piece of cut and dry foam, gently rub a small (you really don't need much) amount of Petroleum Jelly over the mask (just the same as if you were inking through your mask)

Remove the mask, and then apply distress ink or similar over the paper, I find that using a brush gives a better finish as using sponge or cut and dry can smudge the design.

I would love to see your projects using the masks so feel free to post links to your projects so I can go off for a nosey! Until next time keep crafting and keep messy

Ali xx


  1. Welcome back Ali,
    I can't wait to try out all the ideas you post.

    Kerry x

  2. Really, really pleased about the blog becoming active again Ali :) Love the Chaplin I love all the things you do, the messier the better, haha!
    See you next time...
    Jac x

  3. Hi Ali, love your work with masks, well all your work really! You've already given me great feedback on my FB wall on the Valentine's card I made with the Geometric mask, but it's now proudly in my blog (with due mention to you!) at Keep up the great work - and, of course, your blog!

  4. Thank you Ali for sharing this, can't wait to give it a go you are so inspirational. I look forward to seeing more soon Jenny xx

  5. Got to try this, thanks for sharing it Ali

  6. Excellent card for a chirpy chappy

  7. thanks Ali I think I love your brain but will try this

  8. Thanks for sharing the details of this technique. I've just ordered my very first mask from you and plan to try this tech amoungst others!! LOVE the demos you do on C&C, you are so creative :)

  9. a great card to have a go with im a newbie to crafting and am going to give mica,s a go are they easy will give them a try. love your shows on c+c .