Sunday, 11 March 2012

Not what I planned but....

I had hoped to share the wax paper technique with you but I then remembered I had sent the sample to the lucky person who had their named pulled out of the cup! But fear not (I know you weren't) I am already working on a new one with the new masks and stamps that are launching on Friday so I will share when I can.

So instead I thought I would share one of my favourite simple stamping ideas, label stamping. It is easy quick and very effective. If you can't find labels that have space all around them it is not the end of the world, you simply make up the space, but if you can perfect. I simply ink the sheet of labels (using a brush rather than cut and dry) to create a nice background, this highlights the edges of the labels, enabling you to stamp centrally in a the layout. Then carefully transfer the lables on to your background card, ensuring they are evenly spaced. I find that gently sticking only one edge of the labels allows you to arrange them and move them if necessary before you firmly press the labels down. As well as using this technique with stamped imaged I also use it with the stencil style masks. I love it.

I will leave you with my White on White embossed card from last week, top tip with this is always do these cards first before you pick up the distress inks!! Or they don't stay white on white!!

Well hav another busy week, with some amazing new masks and stamps launching this coming week so I must go off and play (sorry I mean work!!) and if you love Vintage and Steampunk there may just be something for you in this range. I don't think there is much danger of me doing girly cards this week!!

See you soon

Ali xx


  1. Hi Ali, both these cards are great, but I especially love the white on white such a classy feel. Shows your versatility. Hugs Jo. x

  2. Fab cards Ali. Well done on the blog! You're such an inspiration to all us crafters and I LOVE the strange ideas you come up with ~ there's a compliment in there!! Keep up the great work. Love and hugs xx

    1. Hi Ali congrats on the blog keep it up,We need now have half the crafters in the country scouring our cupboards for wacky things to craft with..My grandaughter uses you as her excuse when she gets messy crafting..If Ali can do it suppose shes allowed too.Keep bringing us your great cards and strange but wonderful ideas..big hugs maryxxxx